Farry: Additional Water Assistance Program Will Be Available Again this Year

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania will once again operate a water assistance program supported by federal Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) funding, according to Sen. Frank Farry (R-6).

“Access to clean water is fundamental to our communities,” Farry said. “I commend our local and private water service providers and state assistance professionals in aiding those who need it the most. I encourage anyone who needs guidance to reach out to my office, and we will be happy to help you apply to the program.”

Pennsylvania is still awaiting a final report from the federal government on total funding that will be available, which will come from states that did not expend their initial allocation and is being reallocated to higher performing states.

Last year, Pennsylvania successfully expended all previously available funding, receiving more than 129,000 applications and distributing approximately $43.2 million to assist families who lost or were at risk of losing water service in their homes.

LIHWAP aided Pennsylvanians with low incomes that met income requirements with grants to maintain access to both drinking water service and wastewater service. LIHWAP grants are issued directly to water service providers. In 2022, LIHWAP helped households that had past due water bills, had their service terminated, or received a notice indicating that their service will be terminated. DHS expects to receive information from the federal government in the coming weeks to begin setting an updated timeline and process for 2023 LIHWAP availability.

“I am currently working with Sen. Boscola (D-18) on legislation that would create a permanent LIHWAP program in Pennsylvania,” Farry said.  “This would ensure that the federal funding is allocated to the communities for which it is intended.”

For more information: LIHWAP Program



Nicole McGerry

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