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  • My Legislation to Crack Down on “Porch Pirating”
  • State Would Automatically Return Unclaimed Property Under Bill Approved by Senate
  • Measure Connecting Individuals in Recovery to Occupations Approved by Committee
  • Michael G. Fitzpatrick Foundation Event
  • Hartsville Fire Company’s 100th Anniversary Muster

My Legislation to Crack Down on “Porch Pirating”

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed legislation I authored to crack down on “porch pirating.”  With online shopping on the rise, individuals or even organized groups are stealing packages right from our front porch.

The average cost of a package stolen in Pennsylvania is $43 and close to 2 million Pennsylvanians have experienced this crime. The financial toll can hurt many everyday Pennsylvanians but there is also the emotional distress of having your personal property violated by these pirates.

Currently, theft of mail is charged on the value of the item taken, resulting in more times than not the penalty only being a summary offense.

Senate Bill 527 would create a new criminal offense for theft of mail, including packages. The grading of this offense would increase if the person had prior convictions for theft of mail.

It now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

State Would Automatically Return Unclaimed Property Under Bill Approved by Senate

The Senate unanimously approved legislation authorizing the state to return unclaimed property without the need for rightful owners to search for it. It now advances to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Senate Bill 24 would authorize the Pennsylvania Treasury Department to automatically return single-owner property for living individuals valued up to $5,000 after a thorough identification and verification process. The legislation streamlines the return of unclaimed money and property by eliminating the need for citizens to search and file a claim. For larger and more complex claims, owners would still be required to complete a claim form and provide additional information to confirm their identity and rightful ownership.

This commonsense initiative, which exemplifies how government should work to better serve its citizens, would return more money to hardworking Pennsylvanians who may be unaware of their unclaimed property. Search Treasury’s unclaimed property database here.

Measure Connecting Individuals in Recovery to Occupations Approved by Committee

To combat Pennsylvania’s heroin and opioid epidemic, the Senate Labor and Industry Committee passed a bill to connect individuals in recovery with jobs. It now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

Senate Bill 69 would establish the Recovery to Work Pilot Program, pairing those in recovery with occupations through local workforce development boards. As local workforce development boards would lead the implementation, the strategies will be locally focused to meet the needs of local employers and the local treatment and recovery community.

Additionally, the legislation would provide incentives for businesses and training providers to participate in the program.

Michael G. Fitzpatrick Foundation Event

Myself, Jim Fitzpatrick, Audrey Kenney and Larry Loose (Bucks County EMA and Emergency Health Services), Scott Henley (Penndel-Middletown EMS), Kathy Fitzpatrick, and Governor Schweiker on June 4th at the Michael G. Fitzpatrick Foundation Garden Party.

This past weekend at The Michael G. Fitzpatrick Foundation Event, I spoke about the workforce challenges in the EMS field and had the honor to join the Foundation in presenting a check to the Bucks County Community College for their upcoming paramedic class in conjunction with our local EMS providers.

The Michael G. Fitzpatrick Foundation’s contribution of $25,000 will assist with the purchase of new equipment and supplies for the upcoming paramedic licensing program.

Hartsville Fire Company 100th Anniversary

Congratulations to Hartsville Fire Company No. 1 on their 100 years of service to our community.  My son and I had a great time at their muster celebration at Warminster Community Park this past weekend.  I was honored to present a citation from the Senate of PA to the Fire Company for this remarkable milestone.

Throughout the past 100 years, the members of the Hartsville Fire Company have committed themselves to preserve and protect the health, safety, and welfare of their fellow citizens. We are all grateful for their dedication for their tireless devotion.


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