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  • Community Shredding Event June 8th
  • DNA Technology in the Criminal Justice System
  • Honoring Local Hero for his Ultimate Sacrifice for our Nation
  • Unemployment Compensation Hints for School Bus Drivers
  • Make Memories at a PA Fair

Community Shredding Event June 8th

To help residents guard themselves against identity theft, I will be hosting a free community paper shredding event Saturday, June 8 from 10 am- noon at The Runway at Warminster Community Park, located at 350 East Bristol Road in Warminster.

Residents of the 6th Senate District are encouraged to bring documents that contain sensitive information to be thoroughly shredded.

Please note this event is for residents only; no businesses, please. Due to high demand, there is a limit of two file boxes of paper per individual to be shredded. We cannot accept plastic bags.

For the event, you will enter at the traffic light at Hatboro and Bristol Rd.  Once in the park, the line for the shredding will be on your right on the runway.

No advance registration is required to participate in this event. For more information, please call our office at 215-638-1784. 

DNA Technology in the Criminal Justice System

Yesterday, Rep. K.C. Tomlinson, Rep. Joe Hogan, Rep. Marcell, Rep Labs, and I, joined First Assistant District Attorney Ed Louka, Bucks County Sheriff Fred Harran, Chief of Lower Southampton Police Department Ted Krimmel, and local law enforcement officials at Comic Collection, in Feasterville to discuss the importance of DNA technology in Pennsylvania’s Criminal Justice System. 

The press conference highlighted the impressive work by the Lower Southampton Police Department in an investigation of a violent robbery at Comic Collection in September 2022, where a DNA match led to the charging of two Michigan men 18 months after the crime.

Dave Schwartz, longtime owner of The Comic Collection, thanked the community and law enforcement officials for their dedication to the case. Schwartz spoke about his horrifying experience and the great relief he has now that justice will be served.

My colleagues and I spoke on their public safety initiatives, specifically legislation we are working on that would expand the number of DNA samples in the criminal justice system by requiring post-arrest testing of anyone charged with a felony or certain misdemeanors.  This sample-taking would be much like the established process of taking an arrestee’s fingerprints.  Nineteen states currently collect post-arrest DNA samples. 

One of our goals as elected officials is to ensure our communities are safe and our law enforcement and prosecutors have the right tools to be able to properly do their jobs.  Our legislation will enhance public safety, bring closure to crime victims, and maintain the integrity of our criminal justice system.

SB988, and its companion bill HB2030, would also expand the collection of DNA samples for those offenders convicted of criminal homicide, which under Pennsylvania law are their own classification of crime and technically not classified as felonies. This legislation would close that loophole and require collection of DNA samples from these offenders to solve other cold case murders and crimes.

It will also in mind the importance of conviction integrity served by advanced use of DNA identification. A sample can prove the innocence of someone else who has been incorrectly accused or convicted and imprisoned for a crime when the DNA ends up matching someone else. View full press conference here

Honoring Local Hero for his Ultimate Sacrifice for our Nation

On Memorial Day, we remembered those military members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. We send our sincerest thoughts and appreciation to all of their families. There were many ceremonies across the 6th Senatorial District this past weekend honoring these brave men and women.  The American Legion of Langhorne in my hometown honored the life and legacy of a local hero—US Army Specialist 5 Frank Martin Mebs. 

Frank Mebs was killed in an explosion in Vietnam at the age of 20.  For many years, Mebs’ family knew little about how Frank actually died. Originally, they had been told only that he had been killed in an accident and it wasn’t until 2000 when a retired U.S. Army veteran credited his life to Frank’s heroism and sought out the family, that they learned the full story. 

After searching for the Mebs family for four years, a fellow service member, Steve Kilde, asked them for photos of all the medals and ribbons they had received after Mebs’ death. Then, he began a campaign to access Mebs’ full military files. All those medals and ribbons were presented to Meb’s family at the Jesse Soby American Legion Post at their ceremony on Memorial Day ahead of their parade. 

On Wednesday of this week in his hometown of Newtown, Frank Mebs’ legacy was honored with the renaming and dedication of the Barclay Street Bridge in Newtown to the Sp5 Frank M. Mebs US Army Memorial Bridge for his great service and sacrifice.

Unemployment Compensation Hints for School Bus Drivers

It continues to be challenging to find bus drivers so children can safely and reliably travel between home and school each day. When the problem is bad enough, it can even shorten the school day and limit the learning students can accomplish.

To avoid impacts to students’ education, it’s important to retain as many bus drivers as possible. Of course, they are not needed in the summer and aren’t able to collect a paycheck during that time. Unemployment compensation (UC) helps to bridge the gap until the school year begins so bus drivers aren’t forced to abandon their critical roles to pay their bills.

Information is available to help school bus drivers who will be laid off during the summer successfully claim their unemployment compensation. First, it’s crucial to claim during the correct week: the first week in which they are actually unemployed. Second, understand that UC and workers’ compensation are different when filling out the UC claim form. Please reach out to my office if you still have issues with your claim.

Make Memories at a PA Fair

Pennsylvania has more than 100 agriculture fairs and events scheduled this summer and fall.

At a festival, you can enjoy the commonwealth’s vibrant heritage and support our local communities. Between the food, animals and exhibits, there’s something for everyone.

The 2024 Pennsylvania Fair Guide maps out the fairs across the state, broken down by region. Find dates and locations to plan your day at the fair. The guide also highlights 15 fairs that offer harness racing.


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